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My Story


Hi loves, I’m Heather. An active, driven, empathetic, and somewhat kooky, fitness and nutrition professional.


I grew up all over New England, with a short stint in Canada, and for the past 10+ years have been proud to call Boston, MA my home. Most of my childhood was spent outside with my family hiking mountains, exploring new campgrounds or in an intense badminton battle in our yard. Coming from an active and competitive family, picking up field hockey in the sixth grade was the next logical step. I quickly fell in love with the sport and continued competing at a competitive level all the way through college. Once college ended and I entered into the corporate world of accounting, running became an escape for me. Wind in your hair, breeze on your face hello freedom! It only made sense then, given my drive for competition and improvement, that I run the Boston Marathon, three times.


Needless to say exercise and activity has always been an important part of my life. You would think, then, that I would be all about ‘carb-loading’ and eating to fuel my performance but the truth is, I spent my 20’s in a constant battle with disordered eating.


From the outside, I put on a happy face, but behind closed doors I was monitoring the scale like it was a life or death situation. My mood could change with a flux of two pounds and I was in constant fear of how others saw me. Sucking in my stomach, working out excessively, and restricting everything and anything I ate. Spending my first 10 years after college sitting behind a desk for sometimes 15 hours a day, what I ate became the one thing I could control.


In 2016, I started teaching indoor cycling classes and that’s when things began to change. How can I stand up in front of a room of individuals, pushing them to be the best they can be, motivating them to break through boundaries and acknowledge the strength they have within, if I can’t do the same for myself? The whole “practice what you preach” mentality really is quite powerful and I took it to heart - HARD. Knowing there was something more, something bigger, for me out there, I left the corporate world behind to take care of myself and to pursue my passion in health and wellness.


I took a month to travel around Europe, immersing myself in the culture of food appreciation, and began a new chapter in my life. Certified in Exercise Nutrition Coaching from Precision Nutrition, I help busy individuals, like you, build a healthier lifestyle; improving productivity and overall wellbeing. I understand the demands and pressures of the grind (I’ve been there!), which is why I find such joy in working with others to transform their habits, celebrating in each win, and being the face of accountability.


I want you to live your longest and most vivacious life possible, free of deprivation, guilt and hanger. Let’s do this!


In good health,


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