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My Philosophy

The best “ diet ” is one you can practice consistently, over time; NOT a set of rules and restrictions you’ve placed upon yourself. Happiness does not come from a number on the scale. We fuel for longevity and vitality; you have one life to live so why not make the most of it.


Let’s change the attitude of “ good ” vs “ bad ” and instead, educate ourselves on what food can, and cannot, do for us. We work together to find a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable for you; transforming your health goals into action and providing you with the proper tools for success.


The world of nutrition is a vast and challenging place. With so many conflicting views, opinions, and marketing schemes, it is so easy to get overwhelmed. As your nutrition advisor, I help you make sense of the jargon so you can approach each day with confidence. Let’s remove the “ all-or-nothing " mentality so you are able to achieve your goals while living a fulfilling, more energized, life. 

all of our memberships include...

Step One

assessment questionnaire

You’ll start by filling out a detailed questionnaire about your goals, diet & health history, and current environment. Once that is complete, we organize a time to meet face-to-face so I can learn more about who you are, where your health is at, and your goals and challenges. This will allow me to better align the path we take with the results you are looking to achieve.

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Step two

1 - on - 1 

We will meet via Zoom once each week for a collaborative discussion. At the end of each session, you will walk away with new insights, a clear set of action items, and motivation to keep the momentum going.

Step Three

Ongoing Support

You will have private email and text support from me. I will be available via email or text for when the unexpected rears its head. I understand life can get crazy, and there may be moments when you are in need of clarity or advice. From my experience, being that sounding board, that “lifeline”, helps keep progress moving forward.


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3 month 1-on-1 coaching

3 month Commitment

1 hour weekly 1-on-1 sessions

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6 month 1-on-1 coaching

6 Month Commitment

1 hour weekly 1-on-1 sessions

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Laptop and Diary Topview
The Habit Workbook

One-time purchase

5 Ways to build good habits. Your step-by-step journal for cultivating newer, healthier habits.

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